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We carry water filtration media for different types of water treatment applications, such as carbon (charcoal), coconut shell granulated activated carbon (GAC) and more.

The media can be purchased in bulk to replace exhausted media in your existing residential or commercial water filtration systems. Most of the media is available in 1 cubic foot (1 cu.ft.) bags.

Filter Media
4 Filter Media Products
  • Activated Carbon

    This is a premium carbon media to be used in residential or commercial water treatment devices.

    Activated Carbon
  • Anthracite

    Anthracite media is a select coal that is mined and processed for water treatment applications.

  • Filter Gravel

    Filter Gravel Media is commonly used in Water and Wastewater filtration applications and as a support media for sand and anthracite.

    Filter Gravel
  • Filter Sand

    Sand Media is commonly used in aquariums (#20), pools, industrial, wastewater, municipal, residential filtration and oil and gas well fracturing.

    Filter Sand
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