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1928 – The Wolcott Company was started by designing, manufacturing and selling all types of water treatment equipment and supplies.  This equipment included ion exchange units for household, commercial, municipal and industrial use.

1956 – The company was incorporated under the name of Wolcott Water Softener, Inc. and focused primarily on industrial water treatment equipment and ion exchange resin sales.

1981 – The name became Wolcott Water Systems, Inc. to reflect the change in direction from manufacturing industrial equipment to include sales and service for the entire water treatment industry.

1995 – Rohm and Haas Company chose Wolcott to become one of five Master Distributors of Rohm and Haas resin.  Wolcott Water Systems provides service in the Midwest portion of the country.

2009 – Dow Chemical Company acquired Rohm and Haas Company.

2013 – Wolcott is now one of a select few Exclusive Distributors of Dow/Rohm & Haas products, providing Ion exchange resin globally.

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