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AmberLite SCAV4 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a Gaussian, Macroporous, Acrylic, Organic Scavenging Resin for Industrial Applications to effectively remove natural organic matter (NOM) from waters under different operational circumstances, bringing water quality and operational stability back under control. The macroporous structure allows very efficient removal of large organic molecules and provides excellent resistance to physical breakdown by attrition and osmotic shock. The hydrophilic acrylic polymer structure contributes to a more effective desorption of organics during regeneration compared to styrenic scavenger resins. AmberLite SCAV4 Cl is the preferred organic scavenger for the bulk removal of NOM. Operated in the Cl-form, it is especially useful as pretreatment for reverse osmosis or demineralization systems to reduce the fouling potential of water with a high load of hydrophilic and/or hydrophobic NOM species. The resin offers excellent lifetime and long, stable performance, even under challenging operational conditions. Operated in the OH-form, this resin will also have the ability to demineralize.

AMBERLITE SCAV 4 Cl Dow Ion Exchange Resin

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