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AmberLite SCAV3 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a Gaussian, Macroporous, Styrenic, Organic Scavenging Resin for Industrial and Drinking Water Applicationsis to effectively remove natural organic matter (NOM) from waters under different operational circumstances, bringing water quality and operational stability back under control. The uniquely highly porous aromatic structure in combination with the high water content allow a very effective accomodation and hydrophobic adsorption of large molecular weight and complex organic molecules such as humic and fulvic acid. In industrial demineralization when operated in the OH-form, AmberLite SCAV3 Cl is ideally used as a polisher of remaining organics when placed after the anion vessel to meet the more stringent quality specifications for make-up water. Due to its strong base functionality, it will also have the ability to demineralize. When operated in the Cl-form, it can alternatively be used as a lead scavenger. In drinking water production, AmberLite SCAV3 Cl operated in the Cl-form is useful to decolorize (drinking) water by binding larger organics which pass through ultrafiltration, sand filtration, and other first-stage processing steps. Removal of these natural organic compounds can also help to effectively reduce the formation of disinfection byproducts, such as trihalomethanes (THMs).

AMBERLITE SCAV 3 Cl Dow Ion Exchange Resin

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