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AmberLite HPR2000 H Ion Exchange Resin is a Uniform Particle Size, Macroporous, Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin for Condensate Polishing and Mixed Bed Demineralization Applications for the Power Industry. It is intended for use in mixed bed polishing applications when highest resin purity and water quality are required. The very high level of DVB crosslinker, combined with a macroporous structure, offers exceptional physical and oxidative stability and sodium selectivity. The exceptional physical and oxidative stability maximizes useful life of the cation resin. These properties also minimize the release of organic sulfonate leachables (TOC), helping to preserve the kinetic response of the anion exchange resin in the mixed bed, enabling lower levels of sulfate in the steam generator or boiler, which is especially critical in PWR plants where organic amines are used. The chemical stability also makes it especially suitable for high-temperature operation. The high sodium selectivity allows longest runtimes in amine cycle operation. AmberLite HPR2000 H can operate reliably under the high flowrate and pressure drop conditions that are typically used in condensate polishers. The particle size and uniformity and color distinction of AmberLite HPR2000 H allow for excellent backwash separation when used in mixed beds with AmberLite HPR9000 OH Ion Exchange Resin, which offers excellent resistance to surface fouling. Together, these resins are known throughout the industry as a premium macroporous mixed bed resin pairing.

AMBERLITE HPR 2000 H Dow Ion Exchange Resin

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