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AmberLite IRN9725 OH Ion Exchange Resin is Nuclear-grade, Uniform Particle Size, Macroporous, Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin for Water Treatment Applications in the Nuclear Power Industry. It is designed specifically for use in nuclear loops where highest resin purity and stability are required, and where the "as supplied" resin must have a minimum of ionic and non-ionic contamination. These high standards of resin purity enable plants to achieve reliable and safe production whilst reducing the need for equipment maintenance and minimizing the impact of unscheduled outages.�AmberLite IRN9725 OH has a high capacity to remove radioactive colloidal material, especially 110mAg and antimony, in all nuclear applications. It can operate in short beds at high linear velocity due to the fast kinetics enabled by its macroporous pore structure. Therefore, it is often used as an overlay above a mixed bed or a cation resin. The uniform particle size and the absence of fine resin beads result in a lower pressure drop and better kinetics compared to conventional resins.

AMBERLITE IRN 9725 OH Dow Ion Exchange Resin

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