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AmberLite�HPR900 SO4 Ion Exchange Resin is a Macroporous, Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin for Condensate Polishing for the Power Industry and Industrial Demineralization Applications. It is specifically designed for use in condensate polishing beds at fossil-fired electric generating stations and industrial demineralization applications when a balance of operating performance, simple operation, long resin life, and cost-effective operation is required. The macroporous structure of AmberLite HPR900�SO4 provides resistance to surface fouling as well as physical, osmotic, and oxidative stresses, which allows increased resin lifetime in operation. The resin can operate reliably under the high flowrate and pressure drop conditions that are typically used in condensate polishers. This resin is designed to be used in combination with�AmberLite HPR252 H Ion Exchange Resin and�AmberLite 600i Inert Resin in TRIOBED Condensate Polishers, providing an optimized balance of stability, operating capacity, low pressure drop, and regeneration efficiency. When high water quality and long runtime are needed,�AmberLite HPR1300 H Ion Exchange Resin is a trusted choice. When compliance with the China National Standard specifications for fossil power condensate polishing applications, including the China Strong Osmotic Ball Mill test, is important,�AmberLite HPR2800 H Ion Exchange Resin is the recommended cation pair since both resins are compliant with the standard.

AMBERLITE HPR 900 SO4 Dow Ion Exchange Resin

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