FILMTEC ™ NF90-400/34i

The Dow Filmtec NF90-400/34i Nano Membrane Element is ideal for utility operators and managers who are looking for a nano-filtration membrane which...

will deliver high-quality permeate water and remove specific contaminants such as nitrates, salts, organic compounds, and iron. This membrane has a permeate flow of 10,000 gallons per day, and a 97% stabilized MgSO4 rejection, under standard text conditions. It offers outstanding nano-filtration, even at low operating pressures. Due to its high active area of 400 ft², the NF90-400/34i element can deliver high productivity and clean-ability, and has a wide pH cleaning range. Its iLEC™ interlocking end caps reduce system operating costs, and eliminate the risk of o-ring leaks, which cause poor water quality. It also features a 34mil feed spacer for better resistance to particulate and biological fouling.

FILMTEC  NF90-400/34i

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