AmberLite�HPR4811 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a Uniform Particle Size, Gel, Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin for Industrial Demineralization Applications. It is a high-quality resin for use in industrial demineralization applications when high performance and cost-effective operation is required. The chemical properties and particle size of the resin have been optimized to help yield excellent operating capacity and rinse characteristics, while reducing chemical regenerant and rinse water usage.�AmberLite HPR4811 Cl provides high capacity with excellent kinetics and very good resistance to organic fouling. It also has excellent resistance to osmotic shock and good physical and chemical stability. Its unique resistance to organic fouling enables this resin to be used in Cl-form as an organic scavenger with great success in a single bed unit.

AMBERLITE HPR 4811 Cl Dow Ion Exchange Resin

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